Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

We work with non-profit clients that support our initiatives.

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We support organizations that help build strong vibrant communities for all to enjoy and cherish.
  • Historic Preservation
  • Private Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Museums and Fine Arts
  • Peace and Unity
  • Prison Ministries
  • Religious Organization


Education is the bedrock of all great societies. We believe in equipping the next generation with as much knowledge and wisdom as we possibly can.
  • Computer Science Education
  • Education for Women
  • Education for At-Risk Teens
  • Gardening Education
  • Organic Farming Education
  • Music Education
  • Science Fairs
  • Scholarships

Environmental Conservation

Taking care of the earth we’ve been blessed to inhabit is a critical and important initiative we fully support and promote within our own business.
  • Clean Water Programs
  • Community Gardens
  • Environmental Improvement
  • Reforestation

Health Outreach

Quality healthcare is a necessity. We proudly help organizations that are meeting the healthcare needs of underserved people. 

  • Healthcare for Children
  • Healthcare for Women
  • Infant Mortality Rate Reduction

Poverty Reduction

We are passionate about supporting, empowering, and improving the lives of low-income individuals and families. We support organizations that promote programs that encourage self-sufficiency and provide assistance during challenging times. 

  • Small Business Empowerment
  • Adult Literacy Programs
  • Food Banks
  • Homeless Support
  • Homeownership for the Underserved 


The most vulnerable members of our society are often overlooked or pushed aside. We believe that all people have value and support organizations dedicated to helping the the underserved.  

  • Support for Disabled
  • Support for Orphans
  • Support for Seniors
  • Support for Single Mothers
  • Support for Veterans
  • Support for Widows


Restoring our physical dwellings as well as our minds and emotions during challenging seasons of life is critical. We proudly help organizations dedicated to providing hope, healing, and encouragement to people struggling with various issue and concerns.  

  • Abortion Prevention
  • Disaster Relief Efforts
  • Domestic Violence Recovery